Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Av 5779

In our class, we spent the first few weeks of school getting a lot done! One of the things we did was talk about how to mark time in our class. Following the conclusion of each Hebrew month, we will complete an individual and a class reflection about what we've learned, accomplished, and achieved each month. We will also look at goals for the new month.

This post is our reflection for the Hebrew month of Av 5779.

In AV 5779, we...

* learned what soil is
* learned more about each other, even those people we've been with for years
* took our bench mark NWEA tests
* began studying Navi
* explored our year's theme: believe, belong, become
* started a unit on writing essays
* did an experiment on mentos and soda, and what causes the reaction
* played pickle ball
* began our math studies
* talked about how to properly use and set up notebook paper
* discovered our first TEAMS, and talked about what team work really means
* studied the parsha
* practiced cursive
* made TEAM posters
* chose independent reading books
* began reading groups (our first books are The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Fish in a Tree)
* talked about how to choose a good book
* practiced free writing
* studied Hebrew
* started our science unit on soils, rocks and landforms - and started experiments on soil and rocks
* talked about science safety
* were assigned science partners
* learned how to help the younger students in tefillah
* started class jobs
* complete job applications and were assigned class jobs

and lots more!